Question Upgrading graphics card


Oct 9, 2014
Asus m5a97 LE r2.0, board
600w thermaltake gx1
Asus radeon r7 260x gpu
Amd fx 6300
8gig ram

i originally plan to do a full upgrade but with rumors that 3rd gen ryzen is coming out soon, i gotta hold on upgrading my processor and mobo and settle with just GPU for now.
i am planning to get rx 590 or something close to its price. will i have some bottle neck issues with my current set up?
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While I've historically used ATI/AMD cards far more than Nvidia, I'd say that, given the pricing and performance, the GTX 1660 is the better choice over the RX 590. Costs about the same, but performs better in most games. Also, the 1660 consumes significantly less power.

(that's in the US at least - also, currently, on PCPartPicker, there's a Sapphire Pulse RX 590 that's showing for $160.24 - if you go to the Amazon link for it, it shows up as $259.99 but if you then click on "New (2) from $160.24" and work from there, it seems like you can get it for the discounted price)

EDIT: not only is Ryzen 3000 coming out, but the new AMD Navi video cards are supposed to be coming soon as well, though I don't know when - just supposedly some time this year.