Upgrading Graphics Card


Sep 30, 2009
I'm wanting to upgrade my graphics card in my old system (I can't afford a full new rig). I've had this quite a while, it's P4 3GHz 2GB Ram and a NVidia 6200 LE card.

As it's a HP model, and I don't want to upgrade the PSU as well, I need a graphics card that doesn't require additional power and draws it straight from the PCI slot.

I don't play new games on my PC any more as I just use my PS3. Mainly I need a new card for older games and running things like Photoshop.

I will need to upgrade my system at some point as I'll be starting CAD at uni but right now I need something to get me through without spending a fortune.

Can anyone help me out?I'll be honest, I'm pretty clueless with graphics cards.
PCI slot or PCI-E?
Do you have an AGP slot?

The best card for the PCI is an x1550, I think. But at that rate you could save up another 170$ and buy a better computer o_O . The improved performance from a PCI-slot upgrade wouldn't even be that much.
AGP would be a 4670. <-- is a huge upgrade.