Question Upgrading Graphics on Z87 System


Jul 24, 2006
It's that time again, time for me to wonder how to keep this PC going. My current system, built in 2015:

Mobo: MSI Z87m
CPU: Intel i5 4590
GPU: Dual-X R9 280 OC
RAM: 16GB of not sure what

In a perfect world I could upgrade the whole thing but in this world, I have to pay rent. I would rather upgrade piece by piece to keep the costs distributed, but running a z87 system I figure I'd have to upgrade the magic 3: MOBO, CPU, and RAM ( I keep the case, hard drives, and power supply).

Can I get away with swapping the GPU for an RX 580 (or similar)?

The question is, can I get away with upgrading the graphics card now and the rest down the road (4-8 months)? The system is chugging along fine for games like Overwatch, but I'm barely getting 60fps. Would the upgrade have the effect that I think it will (144fps at 1080p)?


Math Geek

if you're gonna replace the rest of the system not too long from now, then get the best gpu you can now and don't worry about how this cpu handles it. holding yourself back on the gpu now will leave you wanting down the line when you get new cpu/mobo combo.

i'd suggest not worrying about whatever small bottleneck the current cpu will be and get what you can now for the gpu and then move it to the new system down the line. you'll not lose performance with a stronger gpu, rather you'll just not get 100% from the gpu at the moment but the new cpu will let it stretch it's legs and do what i can do down the line.