Upgrading grapic card


Oct 17, 2009
hi, I am looking into buying 295 gtx or 285 gtx

Heres my pc specs:
Vista home 32 bit
q6600 @3.26 ghz
Zalman cooler
4gb 800 mhz ram 2 slots
320 gb hard drive
800 w power supply
gigabyte p35 motherboard s series
Asus vento 3600 case

I am looking for gd fps in some games like fear 2 and far cry 2 and lost planet and left for dead My screen resolution 1920x1080 I am looking to 60+ fps on most of them with this set up I don't feel like upgrading to i7 920 thus changing board and ram and paying even more my pc is working fine now for a year so far no issues not a single format yet and making a whole new pc just for the card knowing that nvidia will release a card by the end of this year by next year id consider a full pc upgrade .. any suggestions why not to go with this set up or it will bottleneck the card are welcome and what am expecting if I go with this set up

Thx in advance
Whats your budget for a GPU upgrade? A 5870 performs similarly to a GTX285 for only slightly more while using less power, it cost significantly less than a GTX295 which draws a lot more power and generates a lot more heat.

If you are looking to save, prior to the 5xxx series, the GTX275 or HD 4890 were the standard recommendations for that resolution screen.