Question Upgrading home internet - a little confused

Jun 5, 2019
Hello. For the last 12 years, I've been using a setup that has a modem plugged into a gateway(?), plugged into a wireless router. From the wireless router, I use WiFi (obviously), but also run a LAN cable to a computer upstairs. It all works well, but I'm upgrading from 100MB to 1GB on June 9th.

Today, I received a "Home Gateway" from my provider to replace my current one. Surprising to me, it has WiFi built-in, which I assume makes my current WiFi router redundant.

However, my current setup is all wired together on the bottom shelf of a cabinet, with the WiFi router sitting on top of the cabinet. If I use this new "Home Gateway"'s built-in WiFi, the signals will be diminished inside the cabinet. With me so far? Plus, I'd have to change all my WiFi devices to use the new codes that come with it.

It would be far easier for me to use my current WiFi router and existing codes. But, do you think I will be able to plug my WiFi router into this new "Home Gateway" and just ignore the WiFi that's built into it?

Haha, I'm such a noob at this... and I live in Japan so all the terminology and instructions are in Japanese - which confuses me further.

Thanks for your help.
~ Nick
You can if you want just plug your current router into the device provided and ignore its wifi signals. You can also likely turn off the wifi on the new device.

For many people this will cause no issues doing this. Most issues are related to things like port forwarding or game consoles. There are a number of ways to reconfigure your equipment to get around this but if you want to just try it maybe it will work fine for you and you can fix it later if there are issues.
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As long as you have access to the new box, u can possible turn its WIFI off and use yours, TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the new available bandwidth, so if your old WIFI box have 100 mbit ports, you will be limited to that.

New box has antennas? can possibly use external antenna.