[SOLVED] Upgrading i3-4160 CPU

Nov 24, 2018
Hey everyone, I just want to ask and inquire a little more information about whether or not I can upgrade my CPU (i3-4160) to an i5 or i7 without needing to replace my entire motherboard. I'm currently running a GTX 1060 6GB of DDR5.

This pair was working together effortlessly until I introduced a second monitor, which significantly reduced my speeds and put my CPU usage at a constant 95-98%. Both monitors are 1920x1080 @ 60Hz. I know I should be shamed for not getting 144Hz, lol, but it just hasn't been in my budget yet. To specify, my PC allows me to run fairly high settings on easier games that don't demand multi-core such as CSGO, league of legends, and Rocket League, but more complex games are definitely giving me trouble. I also have to avoid using my second monitor when playing games, which kind of defeats the purpose. This is why I'm looking to upgrade.

I don't know much about overclocking and I don't believe I have ever done it. Any information on that would also be appreciated.

Thanks guys
An i7-4790K would solve your CPU problems. They are also kind of expensive for an old CPU, but it still performs great. You won't be able to overclock unless you have a Z-series motherboard. The 4790k has pretty high stock clock speeds already though.

You will need a better CPU cooler also, that is if you are using the stock Intel cooler that came with your i3-4160.