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Question Upgrading i5-8400 to same socket for Workstation, i7-8700 or i7-9700


Jun 3, 2011
FYI yes i'd like to go AMD but cant. Yes i'd like to go I9-9900(k) but cant.
I only have 8700 and 9700 as options.
System Win10 x64 latest drivers, i5-8400, 8gb DDR4 and 250gb Samsung NVME SSD, Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4

This is Windows 10 server (no gaming) in which i run a lot of programs on at once, and with the addition of another cpu intensive program running at startup, i am now in need of more cores.

Currently i run Emby connected to a NAS with transcoding and runs constantly, Serviio that transcodes, which just about kept the i5-8400 under pretty fair load and more.

Now I've added MCEbuddy with Comskip to the system which is really redlining my system and now need a beefier chip.

My only options PERIOD are the i7-8700 or i7-9700 (non K) There may be marginal differences between the 2 but the thread count is what i believe may make the difference in my case.

My question is, for my purposes, would this benefit more from i7-8700 with 6 Cores 12 threads or just the 8 cores of the i7-9700?


You can look up reviews of the i7-9700(K) to determine whether it matters for your specific uses, but the general consensus was that the i7-9700 8c/8t was/is equivalent to the i7-8700 6c/12t for most benchmarks (1 "thread" is not equivalent to 1 "core"). The difference landed mostly in the frequency increase of the i7-9700.



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