Question Upgrading Intel MB graphics to dedicated card

Aug 18, 2018
I built my first computer 7 months ago at 70 yrs old. Asus Hero XI, I7-8700k over clocked to 4800, 32mb Trident Z 3200, 1gb Samsung 970 Evo M.2, dual monitors, win10 pro. Everything running great with no problems.

10 days ago I decided to upgrade from on board Intel 630 graphics to a dedicate card and bought an Asus ROG Strix 1660ti OC. I figured install the card, switch the monitor cables and I'm good to go. Right? Wrong!

I switched everything back to original, works fine. Hook up the new card, nothing.

What am I missing? Software?
Did you make sure to install the 6 or 8 pin PCIE power connector into the video card?
What is your PSU make and model?

Make sure the monitor is on the correct input and the cable is securely installed into the video card, not the motherboard.