Upgrading Laptop Graphics Card


Oct 23, 2012
Hey everyone,

I bought a laptop for college, a Samsung NP300V5A-S05CA with and i5 2.5Ghz, 8GB of RAM and a Nvidia GT 520MX 1GB Graphics Card. I'm not a big gamer at all but I still like to play some mainstream games (i.e. Call of Duty like games) but I was very disappointed to discover my graphics card could not handle those games at all.

So my question is can I upgrade the graphics card in my laptop?

Thanks for your help!


No. With the exception of specific expensive gaming laptop models, the vast majority of laptops do not allow you to upgrade the graphics card. Many times the graphics card is soldered into the motherboard, have glue bonding it to the motherboard, or is simply a chip integrated into the motherboard.

Yeah, sadly you won't be able to. But you always can sell this one and get a new PC/Laptop. But, There is one thing I want to know. Are you sure you already adjust The nvidia Optimus settings properly? I have one samsung laptop that comes with optimus. When I first fire it up, It wasn't properly adjusted. So, I was dissapointed too when I can't run games with acceptable fps. Then I found out that I was running intel HD graphics. I go update the driver and change the 'default graphics processor' to the nvidia. Of course, in the nvidia driver.


even if it was upgradeable, laptop gpus arent the easiest thing to come by. the ones i have seen are on ebay. if you want to get an upgradeable laptop in the future i would suggest a rebranded clevo like a sager [they tend to have the highest performance per dollar]

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