Upgrading MOBO, CPU and RAM



Currently I have an 650 WAT power supply and Nvidia EVGA GTX 570 graphics card. I am going to stick with it but in order to upgrade my processor I have to change my MOBO. Also I would like to buy more ram and have at least 8 GB of ram or if the budget is enough could get more.

I would also like to have the PC which can handle streaming in High quality and play with no lag with atleast 80 fps minimum.

SO basiclly I want a new MOBO, Intel CPU like i5 or i7 and good quality RAM.

My budget is 250£ to upgrade. So my question is could someone find me the parts which are very good and good price for the purpose which I have written above.

Thanks in Advance.


Nov 26, 2012
24.99 @ Newegg gets you 8gb G skill ripjaw ddr3-1600 ram.. i5 and i7 themself is like 200-300+ dollars.. So 250 wont get you anywhere close enforunately =/