Upgrading Motherboard and CPU, will I need a new copy of Windows 10?


Dec 25, 2015
Hey everyone,

So the title really says it all, I am upgrading my Motherboard and CPU (from AMD to Intel) and have been looking around and it seems as though there are two different types of Windows you can have on your system. OEM and Retail. The thing is, I don't know which one I have. Apparently you can not move an OEM copy from computer to computer so I would need to re purchase windows 10 (Which I would rather not do).

How can I find out if I have an OEM or Retail version? I can't remember how I acquired my copy of Windows 10 and would like to know how to figure this out before I buy my new parts.

Also any tips for upgrading Motherboard/CPU without having to do a fresh install of Windows would be great!

Thanks in advance! :)
1. You should be able to boot on new system with windows 10 without issues - just connect the HDD/SSD with OS to the new system
2. You will be asked to reactivate:
2.1 there was a post with similar question yesterday here and one of the answers was that if you use your microsoft account to login to your computer, you will NOT be asked to reactivate. I have not tried this option, but you can and if you will, please share the results.
2.2 When you asked to reactivate the windows, you can use the "activate by phone option".
2.2.1 If you guided by machine - just follow the instructions
2.2.2 If you have to talk to a support person, just play it dumb - "my computer died, they fixed it, now this thing asking to reactivate - i want my pr0n back" :) in most cases they will just reactivate iy



As of the Anniversary release last month, you can link your OS license with a Microsoft account, rather than the hardware. You will not need to purchase a new license.
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