Upgrading motherboard and OS (Vista) question...

ShafT DawG

Sep 12, 2007
hi all... ive been trolling the forums for a bit now, and i must say, u have a great community going on here... hope i'l be able to contribute soon and help people out...

now heres my problem...

i just bought the evga 590sli motherboard, and it should be here by tomorrow... i was wondering, will there be any problems with windows vista if i change the motherboard on my current set-up?

current set-up is:

amd 3800x2 OC to 2.5ghz
mci mobo w/ geforce 6100-430 chipset - current mobo
OCZ ddr2 6400 800mhz 2gb gold edition
1 250gb sata hardrive
bfg 650-watt power supply
evga 8800 gts superclocked 640mb
windows vista home premium edition

or do i have to reinstall my OS and back up my system now while waiting for the mobo?

I have read in the manual (available online) that I just plug everything in, and windows will just reboot a few times while it configures the new mobo... this is the first time i've changed mobos, so i dont really know what to expect lol

not planning to go sli until a couple of months from now, so my psu should be fine til then...

any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks...


Jan 31, 2006
If you're going to use the current version of Windows, delete all the drivers before installing it on the new mobo and run Windows repair off the CD. I think it's always best to do a clean stall with a new mobo but there are a lot of folks that don't think this is necessary