Upgrading motherboard questions

Jun 4, 2018
1) not too pricey but good LGA 1151 motherboard suggestions please
- Eliminate MSI products as much as you can (reason : their apps are horrible, half of them are laggy).
- If it's RGB, I'd gladly take it in :D
- Prefer reliable brands

2)if I change my motherboard to new motherboard, do I have to reinstall Windows? or anything similar? (the shop owner told me that I had to go through all those hassle if I ever decided to buy new motherboard)
- Is it reactivating? or have to reinstall the whole windows again by slotting in my windows cd?

Thanks for stopping by.


I'll answer #2 first. The answer is maybe. If you swap your motherboard with a similar one then Windows 10 may be able to automatically configure itself to work with it. However, if the chipsets/drivers/ other factors are too dissimilar then you would need to reinstall Windows. It's not too much of hassle, though. You would just need to backup your files to a removable disk, swap motherboards, use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 ) to install Windows from a USB, and use your Microsoft account to reactivate Windows 10 (assuming you have registered your copy of Windows 10 with your Microsoft Account).

After that, just plug in your files and download your games, programs, etc. That is the worst part, though.

#1: If you don't want MSI boards, then go with an Asus or Gigabyte board. You say you need an 1151 board but for which chip? Skylake, Kaby lake, or Coffee Lake?

I'll be honest here... There's not much you'll get from upgrading that other than lighter wallet.
If you really want an upgrade i'd say get a new 8th or 9th gen cpu alongside a new motherboard.


Kaby Lake: works with 200 series motherboards (Kaby Lake) natively and can work with 100 series boards (Skylake) with a BIOS update.

It does not work with 300 series boards (Coffee Lake).

Your best bet is to grab a 200 series board to ensure compaitabilty and utilize all of the features your chip has to offer.