Upgrading Motherboard with Raid0 Setup


Jan 29, 2011
I've been using an old Asus board with Sli, now that I upgraded my VGA I want to put in a faster MSI board.

I'm running winXP Home Edition, installed on my SSD. RAID0 setup is all of my backup and games.

Will I lose my RAID0 configuration and all info on it?
Will my SSD (JBOD) lose anything?

Also, is there any extra things I should do before changing? Any driver(s) to uninstall or just let it go?
I think that unless the raid controlling chipset is NOT the same, you will most likely loose your data and have to redo your raid setup.

When staying with the same family (p55->p55 or Z68 ->z68) you probably will be OK, I've had a problem with just the version (same chipset) braking the array.