Upgrading my brother's comp - need advice


Jul 10, 2009
My brother has finally given up and gotten Steam, haha (it was the new Monkey Island games that did it). He called me last night and told me he was having a bit of trouble with slowdown in one of the games he's downloaded, and I figure (though I haven't gotten the chance to go take a look at his computer yet) that it's probably a graphics card issue, I don't really know anything about what he's got under the hood except that he got it from Fry's as an HP premade, probably about a year ago. I can't be 100% it's the graphics card, but I know my brother- he probably went for more of a multimedia package than a gaming machine.

I told him as a temporary measure to go into the video options and turn off anything like water effects and AA until I was able to take a good look at his specs.

Anyone have any recommendations on a graphics card to suggest to someone who isn't a hardcore hardcore gamer but still wants some decent performance? Will update this topic as I learn more about his rig.

It just occurred to me that he might not have the latest drivers for his graphics card too: I'll have to ask him about that.


Apr 25, 2007
I would recommend a radeon 4670 which is cheap, does not require psu upgrade and is a very decent performer.. if you're lucky and find a radeon 4770, that's a no brainer


Jan 16, 2009
Find a 4770. It has performance equal to a 4850 in some cases because of the DDR5 ram, but doesn't take nearly as much power. It's much more powerful than the 4670, but also more expensive.