Upgrading my current rig MOBO, RAM or CPU....or display?


Jul 7, 2012
Currently have

msi GTX970 gpu
i5 2500k cpu believe currently clocked to 4.2ghz, although I have not messed with the overclocking all that much
corsair tx650 watt psu
2x4gb Corsair Vengeance ddr3 1600mhz RAM
cooler master evo 212 cooler
mobo is Asrock z77 extreme gen 4 lga 1155

have 2 ssds and 2 hdds
My current single monitor is an ASUS VH242H

Wondering which direction to go in terms of next upgrade, currently doing some video recording/game capture but experiencing frame drops when attempting to do so. Also in regards to basic processes chrome is eating up all of my cpu and ram at times if they are up while I am trying to play a game as well, any suggestions on which to upgrade would be great!

I have heard mixed reports about whether or not it would be a good time to change cpus (i5 2500k seems to be able to do most things alright still) right now or just upgrade the RAM to bigger/faster cards. Any thoughts?

I also have thought about getting a faster display, 144hz compared to the 60 I have and possibly a 1-2ms refresh time compared to the 5ms I have currently unsure if that will impact the lag and jitteriness I get with some games.

Just unsure of what direction to go next, any thoughts/input would be appreciated!

Thanks much!


Jun 15, 2013
monitor won't help you to reduce the lag, and 1ms has no real difference vs 5ms.
can you monitor your resource usage while you are experiencing lag? then you might be able to know what to upgrade.(CPU/RAM)

Your only problem is your trying to do to much at one time.
Overclock your processor higher, and either game and record at one time or surf the web anouther but not the same time.
Buying 8GB more memory might help a bit but hard to justify for a older system when you will need to buy DDR4 for anything new.

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