Upgrading my emachine


Aug 25, 2012
Hi there I bought this for my son I game myself and figure I would buy him a smaller gaming rig to game on I bought the Emachine EL1360-EW10

specs are
Windows 7 Home Premium
AMD Brazos E-450, 1.65GHz
500GB hard drive
Super-Multi drive
multi-in-one card reader
AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
Gigabit LAN
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse
eMachines E202HV bm 20" LCD Monitor
Variety of interface ports: including HDMI, ten (four front, six rear) USB 2.0, headphone/microphone, three audio, VGA and two PS/2 -
Dimension: 14.21" H x 7.09" W x 15.07"D - Weight: 23 lbs

now I know its not great but is it possible to upgrafe the cpu just a bit?? and also this case is like a 3rd the size of my mid tower is there a way I can upgrade the PSU

basically he wants to play minecraft and dungeon defenders on medium settings no recording or anything would this be possible
Unfortunately, you cannot go anywhere with this CPU socket. You have the best CPU you can have for the socket. This computer is designed for web browsing and word processing. If the computer has a PCI express slot you could add a dedicated graphics card but it would bottleneck on the CPU so badly it wouldn't be worth it. Is there a chance you could post a link to the system you bought?