Question Upgrading my GPU, am I able to?

Oct 15, 2019
I want to upgrade my current GPU (645 2 GB Vram) into a GTX 1660 Ti, but i don"t know if my system is able to run this graphics card.

i currently have:

CPU: Intel CORE I5 4570
RAM: 16 gb ( 1 single 8GB stick and 2 4GB sticks) DDR3
Powersupply: FSP500- 50AAGA 500W
HDD: 2TB i don't know what brand ( someone told my de disks are running at 700 rpm, which is kinda slow)

So, i my current system capable of running this GTX 1660 Ti and do you have any tips for me?


As far as your CPU.....I think it's a little on the slow side for a 1660 Ti.....but it should work OK.....although you may find your CPU working pretty hard and even maxing out in some cases.

Your MB....even though we don't know what it is....I think it should have a PCIe x16 slot which will take the card.

Your power supply....being it's not a brand I'm familiar may be substandard and I would consider replacing it.....but if it has an 8 pin plug.....the GPU may work.....but I wouldn't trust that power supply and I'd be looking at a Seasonic or Corsair replacement.
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I'd agree with everything jay said, and double up on the PSU. It's not a fantastic PSU, but not a poor one either. However, it's pushing on now.

A new PSU is advisable. A good EVGA G2/G3 550w, or Seasonic Focus Plus Goldor Corsair RMX/TXM 550w, will serve you well and power your system with some room to spare.
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