Sep 7, 2011
Hi, id like to upgrade my GPU but i dont know what to buy... ill upgrade my PSU as well...
My concern is about my processor and bottlenecking my performance..

PC specs:

Intel G33 1 x PCI express 2.0 x 16
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 (2.8 Ghz) (cant overclock cuz is a Dell/Bios) I know...
Windows Vista Home 64 bits
4 gb Ram (Cant remember if are DDr2 or DDr3 im at work lol)
PSU - 300W (Ill upgrade it depending the Video Card)
Actual GPU - Geforce gt 240 512 mb GDDR5 OC at (640Core/2000Memory Bw)
And ill play in my Samsung 32" Full-HD

So my goal is to play at 1920x1080p

My budget is around $250-$350 for both GPU and PSU
(i dont want to buy a new motherboard) just upgrade my GPU and PSU

I was thinking about a GTX 460 and HD 5830

So ill appreciate if u can help me guys...

p.d. sorry for my english... And thanks in Advance...


Nov 22, 2010
A GTX 460 1 Gb would be a great choice. Get a nice 600 watt or greater PSU from a reputable brand and it should fit nicely into your budget. Stay away from 460's with an SE designation.

Having said that... Once you get the 460 installed you might find that your CPU is bottlenecking your system in some games.


Given the age of the base system, it might be worth it to buy the PSU based on the next build's requirement; if next build is 1-1.5 years away, a 650-750W PSU would be nice.