Question Upgrading my graphics card for gaming laptop

Aug 2, 2020
I've been wanting to upgrade my cheap laptop to something thats a little bit more compatible with newer games but I'm not sure how I would go about doing it. I can run a decent number of games on it as it is but newer releases seem to be too much for it. I'm assuming the graphics card should be updated seeing as to how most of the things I test compatibility for suffer in that area.

I'm currently using an AMD Radeon R7, 12 core 2.70GHz processor with 8GB of RAM. I don't need to latest hardware, the cheaper the better. I just need something that can run new(ish) games like GTAV or the new Flight Sim game at low settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Most "cheap" laptops don't allow you to upgrade the onboard video controller and yours is likely one of them. Your options are to get a more capable laptop or, maybe, use an external GPU (I don't recommend).

What specific make/model is your current laptop?


i believe its an 80XS, Im not sure if its upgradable or not
It is not, assuming you're referring to a Lenovo laptop. Too much information is preferable to too little information.

Unfortunately, cheap laptops are almost never upgradeable in a meaningful way outside of storage and usually RAM. Even socketed mobile CPUs are increasingly rare; I believe that the last mobile product by AMD that wasn't soldered in were in 2011.

It's hard to say exactly what it is in your case; again, you've provided next to no information that would identify your laptop. It's a bit like asking for help with my "28 miles per gallon, 16 gallon gas tank car."