Question Upgrading my HP laptop

May 15, 2020
I have a 10 years old HP laptop.

HP Pavilion
Model: g6-1136TX
Intel Core i5
500 GB HDD
8 GB RAM (just updated 4 GB)

what can be done to upgrade the laptop? I was thinking that instead of investing a couple of hundreds in buying another second hand laptop, I could invest in upgrading this laptop instead. There is this Music software called REAPER that I want to use and collaborate with this laptop. Sometimes it creates problem, like shutting down, needing to reset the input and the like.

suggestions/feedbacks would be really helpful.
i wanted to talk about the remote access you were mentioning earlier. Just picked the wrong term
Ah, makes sense now. :)

Windows 7 pro as well as 10 pro have a feature call Remote Desktop that allows almost any version of windows to control this machine (I actually have a windows 98se machine that I regularly use to remote control a windows 7 one--works flawlessly).

You would allow remote desktop connections on your laptop and could connect from a desktop or vice versa. There are some limits to this, especially for audio production, but you could have inputs connected to the desktop and start/stop the recording/playback by controlling the desktop with the laptop.

Another scenario is that from the desktop you can use the laptop for any browsing while using the desktop strictly for audio work, and by doing this you don't slow down the desktop with any browsing work since all the 'work' for that is being done by the laptop even though you can see it on the desktop's screen.


Jan 19, 2012
You kinda vaguely refer to the processor as an I5. Is it the 2540M? You may be able to replace it with the I7 - 3740QM (same base speed, turbos a bit higher AND ... Quad core, 8 threads as opposed to 4 and 2) if that's of any interest. There's one on ebay auction right now ... my best guess is that $40 - $50 would take it.
Will REAPER take full advantage of quad core?