[SOLVED] Upgrading my i7 4770 ( non k ). But... wait or buy something now?

Dec 9, 2020
I own my i7 4770 since 2013.
My current setup is:

GTX 1070Ti
650w Thermaltake (bought in 2019);
16GB (2x8) - 2400Mhz

Now I'm thinking about upgrading my kit (Processor, MOBO and RAM, but I don't know if I should expect new technologies in 2021, like DD5 memories and different nanometers. (And I can wait)

For a better explanation, the use of the machine would be:
- Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Maya.
- Games, such as: Overwatch, CSGO, Cyberpunk, The Witcher, Valorant.

I use it the same, let's say that 50% of the time I play and 50% of the time I do my jobs in Adobe and Maya (3D). All of this, coupled to a 144hz monitor.

Anyway, I can spend with a Kit that involves parts of a Ryzen 5800X / 3900XT or even a 10900k. ( CPU + MOBO + RAM )

But I don't know if I will face it and assemble it now or wait for 2021. And another, if it were you, what configuration would you set up with these "requirements"?