Question Upgrading my Laptop?

Aug 5, 2019
Hi Guys,

I just got a laptop to use as a Work Laptop, but I'd also like to be able to do some basic gaming on it if possible (Minecraft mainly for the nostalgia). The laptop is a HP 0029sa. The main specs are as follows:

Product nameHP Notebook - 14-cm0029sa
MicroprocessorAMD A6-9225 Dual-Core (2.6 GHz base frequency, up to 3 GHz burst frequency, 1 MB cache)
Memory, standard4 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB)
Video graphicsAMD Radeon™ R4 Graphics
Hard drive128 GB M.2 SSD

Obviously at the moment the specs are no where near good enough, so my question really is if anyone knows if I can buy parts and upgrade the laptop, or, is it a "stock" model or something where everything is already integrated and it can't be changed?

If it is customisable, then does any have any suggestions for what I would need to upgrade on it and any good, cheap, used parts I could look for that would get it to a point where it could play Minecraft and other similar games comfortably? I basically want to spend as little as possible to be able to get to Minecraft level. Also, how hard is it to do DIY upgrades for someone who has never done it before?!

I have been looking at cheap gaming PCs on Gumtree but my girlfriend is really not keen on me having a gaming pc in our spare room so ideally I want to keep it all on the laptop, if the laptop isn't possible then what specs on a gaming PC would I be looking for if I can twist her arm into letting me get one?

Thanks in advance for the help everyone.


Jul 2, 2019
And unless you get more RAM to start with this machine will end up being quite miserable with Windows 10. I recommend a minimum (and it's often plenty enough for many users) of 8GB.

At this point in time an A6 is going to be straining to do anything outside of web browsing, e-mailing, and "office type" programs. It was never a high-end performance APU from the start, and it will show its age. The oldest laptop in my household is a Toshiba Satellite c55dt that has an A6 and it's strictly a "backup machine" at this point, though I keep everything up to date on it. I upgraded it to 8GB almost immediately, and that was when it was new and running Windows 8.1.