Question Upgrading my old monitor


Aug 18, 2012
I'm looking at upgrading my 10 year old monitor, a SAMSUNG SyncMaster BX2231.
I've been trying to figure out what monitor to get. I was looking at a 27" 1080p 144/165 hz monitor like the Asus VG279Q or the 24" VG259Q but some people say 1080p is a waste for my specs and that 27" for 1080p is not good.
Also the whole deal between IPS - TN - VA. From what i've read TN is better for competitive gaming but has poor colors while IPS has good colors but has backlight bleed problems.

Its mostly for gaming and the daily web browsing and im kinda reluctant in going for a 1440p and get lower fps
I don't play that many competitive games atm, mostly Arma 3, a bit of Tarkov here and there
I was thinking of using the old 60hz monitor as a second monitor it. It only has HDMI. Would it be fine to use DP for the new monitor and HDMI for the old one? I've also read that using the old 60hz monitor in the same setup will cap the 144/165hz to 60hz. Is that the case?
Are there any recommendations for monitors at around 300€ max?

PC specs:
GTX 2070
16GB Ram


All those things you already researched are correct, aside from the monitor being capped to 60hz, what can happen is that you will have stuttering in games if using two monitors at different refresh rates.

You have a few issues here with your budget, most 27" 1440 high refresh rate monitors are more than you are looking to pay. VIOTEK makes decent cheaper gaming displays, but their drawback is a bit lower quality and not as easy support.

Another issue is that due to the virus supplies are very short, so your best bet is to do a web search or check the retailers you can buy from and see what they have available, you may not have a lot of options.


Even if the second monitor (60hz one) is not being used to play? It would cause stutters even just displaying a web site?
Correct, having it running at the same time as the other screen at different refresh rates can cause flicker and stutter in the game. Does not happen all the time so I don't know if it's a video card issue, the screens or drivers or connection type used.