Question Upgrading my rig in near future (GPU or CPU or BOTH?)


Nov 23, 2018
Hi all.

Considering upgrading in the near future to give better performance and allow for 1440p gaming at higher fps counts on modern games. My current rig struggles with 1440p and is really only good for 1080p.

Current system has a Ryzen 2600x cpu and an MSi 1070 ti Gaming graphics card. 16GB of 3000MHz RAM. Not sure what i should ideally upgrade next. Im not overflowing with money so upgrading everything isnt an option. I will upgrade it piece by piece, over time. Which do you all recommend i should upgrade first and foremost? Which will be most impactful. And where will the bottleneck likely be? Any recommendations on GPUs or CPUs i should move up to thats worth the cost for the increase in performance.
Considering you have a Ryzen 5 2600X, and wana play at 1440p, then your GPU will be the first thing to upgrade.

I would keep an eye on your PSU too, you need a good one to support the lastest and greatest GPUs.

As others said here already, without a budget is hard to suggest anything.


Aug 20, 2015
It's generally best to know what you want to use the machine for specifically. Usually when someone says they're looking to upgrade for game performance, they have a specific game in mind.

I would open task manager while you're playing that specific game, and see what's being tasked most by your system. That'll give you a better indication of what part could really use an upgrade.

Things to note; a GPU upgrade is really easy, practically plug and play. While a CPU upgrade is going to require a full OS reinstall. So that's something to keep in mind as well, since if you're not willing to pirate it, the price of your OS will add to your total cost.