Upgrading PC - Need Help deciding whether to just upgrade GPU or buy MOBO + CPU + GPU


Nov 30, 2014
Hey everyone,
So I been checking the forums to help me decide if I should just buy new GPU or if I have to buy Motherboard + cpu + gpu.
This is my current setup:
Mother: GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: i7-3770
Ram Stick: 4gb DDR3 1600MHz x 4
GPU: xfx R9 280x DDR5
PSU: a 1000W 80 plus sentey (this sounds like overkill lol)
A 240gb SSD and a 1tb hard drive.

What I want to upgrade is my GPU to an Asus Strix 1080. Are my current mobo + processor enough to handle the 1080? will it bottleneck? Should I just upgrade all three and forget about upgrading again for a few years? I used to have an nvidia GTX 560 before the R9 280x, and to be able to use the R9 280x I had to update the BIOS of my Motherboard(it didn't recognize the video card).
In case I have to upgrade all three of them, what mobo + CPU would you recommend? I was thinking about an H270 + an i7 7700 (I don't overclock stuff so I don't need the Z or K variants). Is there something better than those?

Thanks guys! If there is any info that I forgot to add please tell me.

If it is strictly for gaming, you will always do better to upgrade your GPU than anything else. I think you would see more improvement in FPS by getting a 1080 than upgrading the CPU. That processor is not a dinosaur just yet and will get you through for a little while longer.