Question Upgrading PC, question about mobo/case


Jan 20, 2019
I'll be upgrading my PC in preparation for a large model (strix or trio, I'm thinking) 6800XT. I have a mobo and case that are pretty basic and do not have experience installing either since my PC was prebuilt or with things such as variable speed fans.
The MOBO and case are these;

The questions I have are;

1. Which version of the MOBO is better, the regular one or V2? As far as I was able to research V2 mainly has a few more plug ins and is essentially the same mobo. Is V2 better or are there any reasons not to get it?

2. Secondly, I have never installed a new case before and the pre-installed fans on the case are confusing. For the MOBO, I see it has "Smart Fan 5 + FAN STOP, 5* Fan / Water Pump Connectors." So would that be where I plug in the pre-installed case fans and any other fans I add? Also, would the end result be fans that are automatically controlled by the MOBO and do not run at 100% all the time?

3. Lastly, pretty sure the case and MOBO are compatible, but the manufacturer site does not even give the form factor as ATX, though other sites do. Are the MOBO and case compatible?

Then a bonus questions. To fit teh large new cards, I am upgrading various parts in anticipation to when I actually get a 6800XT or possibly 3080, and a large model of whichever I get. Are these parts compatible?

Gigabyte B550 AORUS Elite V2

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

Rosewill Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case Cases Thor V2

As far as I can tell they are, but there's definitely the possibility others know better. Thanks a lot for any info.


Aug 16, 2020
1. Only difference with Elite V1 and V2 is the VRM. One is Digital Phase and one is True Phase. If you're not overclocking like crazy, go with V1.

2. Watch YouTube reviews regarding the case and see if it comes with a hub or connectors that you can daisy chain and just plug into one of the motherboard's 4 pin that you can later dynamically control.

3. Built enough PCs to know that that is in-fact ATX compatible. Don't worry about it.

Happy gaming!