Question Upgrading PC storage from old HDD to new ssd and hdd


Jul 23, 2017
I know it's probably pretty easy but Im just a bit confused about how to approach changing from my old HDD to new ssd and hdd.
When building my computer firstly I used two old hdds for both booting and any storage, they're only 500gb each so I am after buying an SSD to boot from and a new 2tb HDD.
How should I approach putting windows on my SSD and selecting it as the boot drive? I know I will be buying windows again but I'm confused as hell on how to beging doing this so I haven't started yet.
Thanks in advance

PC Tailor

You don't need to buy windows AGAIN if you already have it and it's one you purchased previously. You can either deactive and transfer your current product key using the activation troubleshooter or simply reinstall and contact support to reactivate.

Get a new Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool
Install it on your new SSD.
Go into your BIOS and change boot priority to your SSD and you're good to go.
As PC Tailor says about the licence.

As an alternative, the SSD manufacturer might even have cloning software. If taking this route be aware the SSD needs to be larger than the original boot drive for it to work properly. This would avoid having to possibly download and install all the software you had on your boot drive.