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Question Upgrading ram for best performance. Need help

Jun 30, 2020
I have AsRock Z370 Pro4 motherboard, i7-8700K(8th generation intel) <---key. It is the ibuypower Trace 941. I was going to buy 64 gb of ram. Confused about if it makes a difference in 1.2 v vs 1.35 v. (can I use 1.35 without heating issues?).

It says motherboard can only use up to 2666 ddr4. It has 2400 now (16 gb, 1.2 v). I run Secondlife that uses a lot of resources so fps are slow as well. What do I buy is the question? Do I buy ddr4 2666 1.35 v cl16 or the 2400 cl 14 if available or if not cl16.

Have looked at Corsair Vengence. LPX CMK64GX4M4A2666C16W... 64 GB DDR4 2666 C16 Also, should I buy 2x32 or 4x16 ? Trying to do one time shot with this puter. If you have another suggestion on what to buy, tell me please. Having problems finding help. I want to keep it all simple. Thanks in advance.