Question Upgrading RAM for old X58A-UD3R R2.0 Gigabyte Mobo


Jun 26, 2010
Hi guys! Hope you are doing fine :)

I need your advice. I have an old X58A-UD3R R2.0 Gigabyte Mobo in my computer. I have this mobo since more than ten years

I have in it three 2GB 1333 DDR3 memorys in order to use the triple channel = 6GB of ram in total. I needed to upgrade the 6GB ram since many years, Im happy because today is the time!

But I dont have any clue about what to buy. I have three modules free availables to use. I want to have the max of memory that I can put in this mobo. I researched and seems that Gigabyte says 24GB is the max for this model

Can you help me? I dont know what ram/type of ram to buy, neither how I can take the more advantage of the modules. This mobo have 6 ram modules, 3 are for triple channel.

Thanks a lot in advance! Im very grateful for your advice :)
So that old motherboard can support a whopping 48GB of ram. :) Here's everything you need to know:

If you don't need that much ram, you can probably get a regular 16GB 2x8GB kit and be done with it. Or you can go all out and get 3x of the kits and do what was done in that link. :D Or you can get 3x 8GB kits for 24GB. Or you can get another 6GB kit and try to see if your older and the newer kit would work together for a total of 12GB.


4GB DDR3 1600 will do the trick for 24GB, you just need six of them. Problem being no one is really still selling triple channel kits. I suggest ebay or other online marketplaces to locate what you need.

You can get a list of the actually tested memory here:

Pretty limited though. Most 4GB Double sided DDR3 1600 sticks are likely to be just fine though. If you buy used memory you aren't risking too much.

Era appropriate, however, this is high voltage 1.65 volt memory, I personally would get 1.5 volt memory (Pretty sure running at 1.65 volt is what killed my X58 board after many years of service)

Six of these:

I believe 8GB sticks would need to be single sided only to work?