[SOLVED] Upgrading RAM for Zen 2

Jun 19, 2019
I'm planning to get the Ryzen 3900X. Currently I have 1 RAM stick which is 16GB 3000MHz. I want to upgrade it. Do I get another RAM stick of the same type or get 8x2 3200MHz or above. If I get the 8x2 can I still keep the other 16GB stick in my PC without any problems?
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This gets asked quite a lot...

Basically, mixed RAM modules are not guaranteed to work together. RAM is only guaranteed in the form sold (I.e. in the pack they come in) and even buying 2 separate RAM modules of exactly the same make / model / timings is irrelevant and the manufacturing process and design can change frequently.

Not saying it never works, just it's a 50/50 bet. This is why it's always best practice to buy a whole new RAM pack when upgrading RAM, to avoid this potential headache and to guarantee compatibility.

You'll want to run dual channel anyway, and mixing modules of different timings also risk down-clocking your RAM to the lowest RAM speed available.
With the current technologies and saturation points of those technologies, there is not a whole lot of performance difference between 3000hz and 3200mhz, unless you are doing very RAM sensitive tasks. And the higher you go, the more diminishing value of return kicks in. So, just get another stick of the same RAM you got and you should be good.
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