Jul 14, 2019
Okay, I know that when looking to upgrade your RAM, you should check off a few key points, that is that your new RAM and your existing RAM "agree" on the listed things:
  1. They need to run at the same voltage
  2. They need to have the same CAS latency (CL) &
  3. They have the same RAM timings.
(but most importantly have them be the same modules - no DDR3 & DDR4 mixing, but that is pretty well known)

I have a MOBO that supports RAM up to 2400MHz speed, which would mean that any RAM with a higher speed would automatically be bumbed down to run at 2400MHz.
It also supports the max capacity of 64GB system memory (which would mean I could use 4 sticks of 16GB DDR4 per slot, which I plan to do it the future). Correct me if I am wrong so far.

I have one stick of Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR4 RAM @2400MHz in my PC.
I am planning on selling it or putting it aside to buy a stick of 16GB DDR4 @3200MHz, since they are not compatible (in their voltage, nor their CAS) and could not run together. Yes, I can overclock them, but that is just not worth it.

The other option is buying a stick of Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 RAM @2400MHz, so that is where I need your help.

From what I see, these two sticks (8GB & 16GB DDR4, both @2400MHz) are compatible in their CL, their voltage. I am pretty sure their RAM timings are the same, but I can not find it on the Crucial site.

If you could tell me where I can find these sticks` timings and if they are compatible, I would appreciate it.

Products links (scroll down to "Product specifications"):


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If you could tell me where I can find these sticks` timings and if they are compatible, I would appreciate it.
No one will ever be able to give you an answer to this. The timings for each module will be in the product spec list linked in your post.

Mixing RAM modules is a 50/50 gamble. RAM modules are only guaranteed compatibility in the form sold (from the exact same pack). So the only way to find out is to get them and see what happens. Basically ensuring that the timings / speed / voltage align is just one way of minimising conflicts, but not a guarantee by any means. In very simple terms - All it simply does is allow the memory controller to have less difficulty managing the modules.

The manufacturing process for each RAM module changes frequently, so I could actually buy a particular model RAM module one day, then buy the exact same model the next month, and they will not work nicely with one another, as despite being the same model, they have been made differently. This is why RAM is only guaranteed in the form sold (from the same pack). Not saying it never works, but it's a gamble.

Best practice and what I personally always recommend, is avoiding the potential headache by buying a whole new pack. As the last thing you want to do is spend money to find out they don't play nicely together.
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Jul 14, 2019
I hate gambling.

I have decided to buy a 32GB DDR4 kit @3200MHz of G. Skill Ripjaws V RAM (2x16GB). I want to leave room for future upgrades to 64GB if needed, but that is what really grinds my gears and makes me paranoid...

But thanks, still.