Upgrading Second Computer from Windows 8 to 8.1 OEM/Retail Questions


Oct 29, 2014
Hi everyone. I have a second computer running Windows 8 OEM. I've finally decided to upgrade it to 8.1 after a while into the release of Windows 8.1 Update 1. So when I upgrade to 8.1 through the Windows Store for free, when it's done will my license stay as OEM or will it be changed to retail? Also, just curious, if this was a retail version of Windows 8, after I upgrade to 8.1 will my license carry over so that I would still be able to use it on another PC and deactivate the license on the previous one?

Yes, it will remain retail. So you can uninstall from one computer and install to a new/different computer.

I believe that a Windows 8 key will not work on a fresh Windows 8.1 install. So if/when you reinstall, you'll need install Windows 8 first and then upgrade to 8.1 later through the Store. But yes, it will work just fine.