Question Upgrading storage in my Laptop (Only 1 slot of NVMe)


Oct 17, 2016
Hello Guys,

I've got a 512Gb NVMe card in my laptop.

I would like to upgrade to 1Tb but i've got only one slot of SSD.

The question is, if there is anyway to copy whole data including the system to a new 1Tb ssd with the laptop?

even if it is using an adapter to connect the new card to the laptop and copy the data?

if there is, what kind of adapter should i use? something like ssd reader with usb connectoion?

and what kind of program should i use and how?

Thanks for Helpres.


You can use an adapter like M.2 to USB to do the cloning. Like the one Nuwan Fernando linked above. Just note it supports M.2 PCIe Based M Key SSD and not SATA based ones.

For cloning the SSD in the laptop unto a SSD connected to it via an adapter I think you can use Macrium Reflect free from here as it supports removable media cloning. That is cloning to a drive that's not natively connected to the system, as in your case, where the drive is connected via an adapter.

The Macrium website has tutorials listed "This tutorial will show you how to clone a disk using Macrium Reflect 8. The destination disk will be larger" which is here.