Question Upgrading system - worth it?

Jun 3, 2019
First post :)

I'm thinking about upgrading my old system with some new horses..

Currently i'm running:
Asus z270f
i5 6600k OC 4600 stable
2x8 gb ram 2400 hyperx fury x
Asus strix oc 2700 RTX

My question. I primarily use my system for FPS games, and i tend to lack a bit FPS wise. Upgrading my 6600k to a 7700k - would that make sense performance wise - would it still bottleneck my gpu?

I have 2x8gb hyperx fury 2400hz ram today, will upgrading these to 2x8gb 3200hz give a noticable performance boost?

Thank you

IMO it's not worth the cost to go from a 6600K to 7700K nor is the faster RAM. If you want to upgrade then you need to either go 8th/9th Gen Intel with compatible motherboard or the soon to be released new Ryzen stuff if the benchmarks shown are to be believed.
If you can find a used 6700/6700K or 7700/7700K for a good deal then go ahead, but used prices on CPUs are way too high the last time I checked. A new i5-9500F (F just means no integrated graphics) which is around 160 USD performs as good if not better in many games and apps compared to a 7700K, although it does perform worse in applications where Hyperthreading can be used. Given you can get B360 boards in the 50-70 dollar range easily this should help you figure out if you are getting a good deal on a 6th or 7th gen CPU. Good luck.