Question upgrading to external video card from on-board graphics

Dec 8, 2020
I want to upgrade my dad's computer by putting a video card, rather than him using the on-board graphics. But it will not post when the video card is connected. Take it out and it still boots from on-board graphics. He has this motherboard
and putting in this video card
The video requires a 400w power supply. The computer has a 500w. The video card says it draws 50w.

The computer doesn't post when the video card is in.(as in the bios doesn't show up. The keyboard and mouse lights don't light up.)

I also tried connecting the monitor to on board graphics while to the video card in and it still didn't boot.

Here's a pic of the card in the slot to show it's in correctly.

I also tried to put my old gtx285 in it but turns out that requires a 550w psu.

What's going on?


unplug power from the wall, remove the CMOS battery for one minute, while it´s out, press the power button for 5 seconds, then put in the battery correctly again, try powering on with the RX 550 (no monitor cable connected to the motherboard, only the RX 550)

the GTX285 should work if the power connectors to the GPU are connected and a BIOS reset was done

on two users got it to work. Which BIOS version do you have? Enter the BIOS to have a look.

A BIOS update should help, but it´s a bit hard to find since Intel stopped the support for such old motherboards and removed all downloads from their site.
this should be the latest version:

Use the integrated BIOS flash tool to update the BIOS (download and move the "" file to an USB pen drive and press F7 on startup, follow instructions, don´t turn off power or press the reset button while it´s flashing)

manual page 62, Updating the BIOS Using the F7 Function Key :