Question Upgrading to X570 Aorus Elite, am I better off with 3600x or 3700x?

May 21, 2020
What would be the better buy between a 3600x and a 3700x for a x570 Aorus Elite with DDR4 16gb 3600mhz RAM? This is going to replace my current setup and the old parts are going to be put together with a 5600xt from my older brother to build a PC for my younger brother.

My current specs are as follows:
Ryzen 5 2600x
NZXT x62 Kraken
RX 5700 XT
B450 DS3H
DDR4 16gb 3200mhz
32" 144hz 1440p (main gaming monitor) + 27" 144hz 1080p (productivity/side monitor)

My main concern is that with ryzen 4000 series set to release later this year, is it a better idea buying the 3600x to hold me over until something similar to the 3700x among the 4000 series releases or just get the 3700x and call it a day. My main activities consist of streaming my games. I was content doing so at 1080p until I upgraded to 1440p, since then I haven't streamed at all due most performance being thrown out the window. I know a lot of recommendations would be to not buy parts at all right now and wait it out. Trust me I want to. However, for reasons beyond my control I pretty much have to make some sort of upgrade now. Fortunately I have microcenter available so parts are generally cheaper but I'm also limited in one way or another hence my motherboard choice (only ~$200 option, also happened to be the cheapest, everything else is beyond what I need/want to pay. I am open to recommendations in terms of cpu like 3800x/3900x to other motherboards as well) . Here are the prices of each cpu/mobo pairings:

$190+$200= ~$420 after tax

$190+$270= ~$495 after tax

Will the extra 2c/4t do me that much better right now and in the long run versus buying a 3600x for now and selling it when the right 4000 series comes along since I'm already getting a x570 board anyways?