Question Upgrading Tomorrow


Nov 24, 2015
Ok so here is my situation and plan. My current build is 5-6 years old and needs to be beefed up. I don't have a whole ton to spend, but I bought a new GPU ( Zotac1660 6GB) and a new motherboard, along with some DDR4 RAM. The only reason I needed a new mother board is because mine is pathetic and it doesn't support DDR4 or the size graphics card I need to run (sata cables are in a spot that make the graphics card impossible to fit. ) Anyhow, I want to move the CPU, PSU and my 1 TB HDD with all my information on it over to the "New"/Upgraded system.

Just last night I upgraded my current system from WIN 7 to WIN 10 basically my main question is should I install the New motherboards and GPU's drivers onto my current system before I actually pull it apart and install my new parts? My thought process for this is the computer should boot normally since the drivers for the new hardware will already be on the HDD I use to boot (yes I know it's 2019 SSD blahblah). If I shouldn't install the drivers before, will my system have trouble booting? I really don't want to lose all my data and have to do a fresh install of windows.

Any help is greatly appreciated It's been a while since I've built and I've just got back into it.
SIDENOTE: The first time I upgraded this PC I got a New CPU and Motherboard and didn't lose any data and it booted normally and allowed me to install the drivers for the new hardware no problem. Just hoping this is still the case