Dec 18, 2012
Hi experts, Currently i have the follwing specs

Processor-2600K sandy Bridge 3.4Ghz not overclocked
MoBo- DH67BL
Ram-Transcend 1333 Mhz 32Gb- 8*4 Modules.
Harddisk- 1Tb seagate and 500GB seagate. 2-Modules
Powersupply- Huntkey 500W powersupply.
One DVD writer/Reader Combo
XFX-9400GT Nvidia 1Gb video Card.
3 CPU fans.
I would like to upgrade my Video card to ATI RADEON HD 6970 2GB graphics card.

I m having issue with Powersupply. When I checked online power supply calculator , it comes around 480Watts . Screen shot here

Can I upgrade my video card to ATI 6970 with my current 500W powersupply. Please advice me.

I don't really want you to do that. Huntkey power supplies is not good in any terms. I would recommend getting a new power supply from brands like Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, etc. I also would not buy a 6970. Yes, I know it's a good performing card, but it is pretty outdated. You could get a 7870 which is about $250 and it blows the 6970 out. It also use less power, but I would still change the PSU.