Question upgrading windows 7 to windows 10 information

Mar 3, 2019
okey. so i found out windows 7. Microsoft will no longer soon be supporting win7 just like beloved winXP back in the day.

i just have a some question to ask. cause ill i keep seeing was post every were else saying its bad. i know new OS have there problems. i stuck with winXP till the end. then Microsoft stop supporting it. so i moved to windows 7.
now its that time again.

question 1: will it use my windows 7 pro key or my windows 8 pro key that is registered to my Microsoft account. or do i have to buy i key for windows 10 pro
question 2: i know ill lose a lot of my program files but if i do will windows 10 delete them so i don't have to clean them up.
question 3: has windows 10 gotten as good as windows 7 or close.
question 4: will some of my old games e.g halo, unreal, quake 3. still work.
question 5: with the latest update with windows 10. will the incompatible GPU message go away cause i tried installing it a week back but it was saying my gigabyte GTX 1060 was incompatible.
question 6: the last question would it be better to do a fresh install or upgrade.

if you wont to add some pros and cons in please do so. i would like to read them. just trying to get some real feed back posted to me and not reading other people stuff.
it was really hard for me to move to windows 7 back in the day. i loved windows XP and hated windows 7. but in the end windows 7 was my go to OS. and i don't real wont to move to windows 8.1 cause most likely Microsoft will stop supporting that soon.
i am hoping your reply will give me a better understanding of this OS. and help me join the future.
Q1, probably too late for that, there was an offer, it's expired.
Q2, I don't think you'll lose program files.
Q3, I think it's better, people referred to 'tiles' they are only on a part of the start menu, other wise it's like 7, but has some nicer touches.
Q4, I see no reason why not
Q5, no idea, uninstall the GPU drivers first perhaps? then let windows find them.
Q6, 50:50 try an upgrade see how it goes, backup data beforehand.

I will try to answer your questions as simply as possible:

Question 1: When Windows 10 was released in 2015, the upgrade was free for the whole year. Nevertheless, you can still try the process described here to upgrade at no or minimal cost.
Question 2: If you attempt to upgrade to Windows 10, all your installed programs will remain intact. To use them in the new operating system, you can run those apps in Compatibility Mode.
Question 3: Yes, Windows 10 is better than Windows 7, at least for me. Choices may vary from people to people.
Question 4: As suggested in Answer 2, you can try running the games in compatibility mode.
Question 5: If it's only the GPU that's causing trouble, you can skip installing it during the upgrade process. Once the upgrade is complete, you can try obtaining the latest version of the GPU driver from the vendor's official website or/and try running it in compatibility mode.
Question 6: If you want to try the method explained in the link in Answer 1, you can try upgrading. The process may take some time and occupy some additional amount of disk space but it's worth it.

Hope this helps.

if you have a legit windows 7 pro key then you can use that to upgrade to windows 10. its likely easier to do the upgrade first to windows 10 and once confirmed it is activated then you could backup your files and do a clean install after that since windows 10 only activates over the internet now..

i am now sure why a 1060 would be incompatible unless you are really behind on windows 7 updates and service packs

since google found a nasty zero day bug in windows 7 there should be no reason now not to upgrade to windows 10 now if you value security