Question Upload Speed Drops After Switching to Gpon Modem

Feb 15, 2020

First of all, sorry about my English, and i am going to try to explain my issue as best as I can.

Recently, my ISP replaced my modem with the latest one that they said support gpon technology. To give you the comparison, here is my before and after setup.

- DASAN H630B -- TP Link TL-WR840N -- PC (ethernet cable) - by using this configuration, my upload and download speed stable at 4-5 MegaByte (MB)
But sometime, when I need higher download / upload speed, i switch the configuration as the following:
- DASAN H630B -- PC (ethernet cable) -- my internet speed will be boosted to 8-9 MegaByte (MB)

After switch to GPON
- Huawei eg8245h5 -- PC

After switching to this gpon modem and using the configuration above, my upload speed to youtube drops in between 3.4MB - 3.9MB. It won't go higher than that. The download speed seems normal at 8-9MB as before, it only affects my upload speed. I did some test on speedtest dot net and I can see that I get full download and upload speed (8-9MB). I can also get full speed when I was trying to upload larger file into one drive. it reflected on my ethernet performance (task manager). My ethernet configuration already shown 1 Gbit. I configured the ethernet following suggestion on the internet like the offloads settings and anything. Ethernet driver already updated. At first I thought there was issue with the device or cables so I tried to unplug the ether cable from my PC and plug it into my laptop. I run test again and both upload and download speed are normal. I even tried to use the wireless connection on my laptop, the speed is normal, no issue at all.

So it only happens on my PC specifically when uploading to youtube (haven't tried to upload to other website except one drive). Using different browser didn't help. I have no idea whats going on. I tried to explain it to my ISP and they are confuse as well. I did test speed test as well on safe mode (PC), but still the upload speed to youtube seems limited.

My current plan that I am subscribing to at the moment is 60 Mbps, I know by seeing the speed I mentioned above, seems like the ISP is super kind by allowing me to get the speed above my current plan (and i have been enjoying this for almost 2 years now).

But starting on March, my account will be switched to 150Mbps plan, where they already replaced the the device first and I am expecting to enjoy the new speed March earlier.

Any feedback regarding this issue would be highly appreciated.

Thank you guys.
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