Upload Speed is Low Just on my PC and Stream PC

Jan 5, 2019
So my issue is this:
I stream and Youtube and I noticed my upload take a hit like 2 weeks ago during stream. So I called ISP and they end up coming over and after Multiple techs later We find out that router, modem are both working just fine, and the house is getting the upload it needs. Wireless is putting out 30 upload like it should. But for whatever reason just my PC is getting 16 (which no way it's even getting that -prob more like 5). So I have a streaming PC as well, and I tried to do speedtest there, and it also is getting same issue with upload. It experiences that also connected to the wireless. So was able to rule out the cables. Also the ISP Tech tested all that as well.

Both computers are hard wired and get great ping and download. But upload is terrible.
The weird thing is it's not just one of my desktops, it's also the other. So i couldn't rule out some bad network card or something like that.
I naturally started looking towards things like my Firewall and Antivirus (Avast) software. Ended up uninstalling AV and ran a test again after, same issue. Also disabled Firewall, Same issue. Done many other things from my internet searching, but I just can't find out what it could be. I've changed settings in my Ethernet Adapter Options then tested again after guides online said to do so. Still same issue. No clue what;s going on. The only similar things that happened recently on both PC's I've uninstalled and ran a test after, and it's still an issue.
Would love some direction here if anybody could help.
I also have Windows 10.

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