Question Upload speed test good, but fixed rate upload terrible

Feb 13, 2020
My upload tests are great. ISP thinks there isn't an issue anymore, but there definitely is. The advertised speeds are 100 mbs down, 10mbps up and I mostly get that on speedtests ran on Ookla and DSL reports.

When I run an actual upload test from I get about 1-4 Mbps, which is in line with the issues I am seeing.

The issue is that I live stream to game streaming services like Mixer/Twitch. This requires roughly 5-6 Mbps upload for all to go well. I'm not going to get into the details for the most part, but basically crappy upload means I drop lots of frames (about 50-60% dropped frames) which makes for a horrible viewing experience.

With my ISP everything was great for about 5 months, then one day I ran into this problem 2 months ago things have been this way since. It is a local cable company and these issues led to a town wide outage. After everything is back up, my issue is not resolved.

The problem now is that these techs keep doing speedtests and I try to explain to them that you are sending small packets which isn't realistic. I've tried showing them how long it takes to upload a 10 MB file to dropbox or things I would hope they understand, but they don't get it.

It seems to me like there is a bit of interference in the line, as lately I've been suffering from 10-15 minutes of 30% packet loss, then it is fine for an hour only to repeat again. Any suggestions on how to convey this to my ISP?

I've done numerous tests on my hardware (router at least, by removing it) and nothing has changed.