Upnp with two routers

Sep 19, 2018
I've connected a two routers together to effectively extend my WiFi coverage. The problem is that upnp networking is not working. I've followed guides on the internet on how to do this. Here's the scenario:

1. Router 1 is a cable modem + WiFi router. It's connected to the internet with a cable going into the wall.
2. Router 2 is connected via ethernet cable to a LAN port on router 1. So Router 1 LAN port->ethernet cable->Router 2 LAN port.
3. Router 1's DHCP server is configured to assign IP addresses from
4. Router 2 is configured with a static IP address of
5. Router 2's DHCP server is disabled.
6. Both Router 1 and Router 2's WiFi networks have the same SSIDs, but are set to different WiFi channels to avoid interference.
7. Upnp is enabled on both routers.

Although PCs and other devices can access the internet with either router, I am unable to "see" a upnp media server on the network. I have a NAS running a upnp media server and other PCs on the network running upnp servers.

Is there any additional configuration I need to do to get upnp to work? Upnp used to work previously when there was only 1 router on the network.