Upon system restart my monitor gets no signal



There may have been plenty of threads that match my predicament but i have found none that meet the exact problem that have found, so a big sorry if am repeating topics.

Recently i had a major virus on my PC which needed to go.... when using programs such as avg ect they required me to system restart, (only mention this as i am not normally in the habbit of system restarts)
when i did the system restart one day the system restarted but would show 'no signal' to monitor. With speakers on i knew it loaded normally but with the exeption of monitor signal. I then turn the system off via the didgital power button which closes windows normally, i then turned the power on again straight away and still no signal...with this i turned it off again (not sure what was going on i turned the power off at the back to cut power to the mobo)- sat down to sulk for a while and then went back to the machine after 10 minutes .... it worked!!!!!

problem is this happens when ever i do a system restart....

If i shut down properly then power up normally within seconds it is fine, seems to be with system restart...

I have noticed that when this happens the signal light to my adsl modem remains as if the mobo has not shut the connection, this is when the system is off when i power down with 5 second press of power button. Again this is rectified by turning power off at psu then restarting system after 5-10 minutes.

My gpu is fairly new too (fingers crossed it is not this).... could it be my mobo?

any ideas and help with this would be greatly receaved :cry:




ok pc specs

- p5k-e mobo
- ati 4870 1gb toxic
- x4 1gb giel sticks @800mhz
- e8400 OC to 3.6ghz stable (but standard voltage)
- x2 hard drives
- antec 900 case (additional fan to = 5 tote)
- generic 550w non-modular PSU

Looking at my specs written down i see how the power supply could be an issue... not sure why it would happen only when i restart system and not when i turn system on in the first place...? Power surge perhaps/???

hmmm not really in the mood for an over haul to sort this out.... lol as it could be the PSU/MOBO?GPU? and they are about £100 each....... i am sure the 1bg ati toxic 4870 is more than ok with 550w psu with plenty of room to spare, or am i wrong?

Thanx for the reply and more ideas are welcome.