Question Uprgrade build

May 21, 2019
So i want to upgrade my current build (specs below) on a budget but i am not sure what i would upgrade. i have a vr setup and i run 3 monitors.
I build the pc myself couple years ago and its time for a upgrade. i mostly play games where in big titles mostly gta v i notist lagg i also notist it in beatsaber. i also work in design so i use (adobe: photoshop, indesign, illustrator and premier pro)

If anyone cloud help that wloud be nice and thanks in advance

  • motherboard: msi b250m bazooka
  • cpu: intel core i5-7600K @3.80Ghz (no overclock)
  • gpu: nvidia gtx 1060 6gb (msi armor edition)
  • ram: 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengance
  • psu: 850 watt corsair 850i (modular)
  • hdd: 2x 1tb segate barakuda 7.500 rpm
  • ssd (boot drive): kingstone sata ssd 120gb
  • cpu cooling: coolermaste masterliquid lite 120
  • fans: nzxt aer RGB 120mm (x3 one broke :c + nzxt hue rgb controler)
  • case: nzxt s340 elite
  • os: win 10


Without changing the CPU the highest GPU I would go with would be a GTX 1080 or an RTX 2060.
....and I would up the capacity of the SSD.

If you want to change the CPU....

You could go with an i7-7700K on that MB and then you could go with a better GPU than what I mentioned above....probably an RTX 2070....ot a GTX 1080 Ti.


Get yourself a M.2 Nvme Samsung Evo Plus 500GB SSD - for your main bootup
Upgrade your GPU to something at LEAST 1660ti or 2060
If that doesn't make your computer lots better, then it's time to start thinking of buying other parts
All depends on how much you want to spend, but they are the 2 I would do right now
May 21, 2019
Your cpu is fine, you need a new GPU, such as RTX 2060, or Vega 64 since your monitor supports freesync.
what does my gpu have to doe with the lagg i am having outside of the game like when i alt+tab to go to disc to send a message or search somthing