Question UPS buying advice: A used APC BV1000I-GR or a new Cyberpower UT1050EG ?


Jul 31, 2013
Hello there
Im before a purchase of an ups and have the choice to buy a decent but used apc or another decent but not as great cyber power ups.
The apc was used in a planing office and the batteries are at about 60-70% using a single 12v9ah battery (will probably have to replace in a year). Problem with it that its used and i don't really know about reliability of used apc or any used ups in that regard and it has no usb connection possibilities.
My second choice atm is a new cyber power UT1050EG. It has 630w and has 2x5ah batteries in it. Problem with this is that the 5ah batteries tend to go bad faster and price of replacements for one are about the same as a 9ah one, but has usb and lan ports. With it it probably allows for things like silent mode while the apc will most probably scream its lungs out when its on low charge.
Will be used to overbridge smaller and bigger outages for smaller, low wattage appliances
Tnx for the help.