Question UPS fluctuation issues

Sep 18, 2019
Hello guys,
I just bought an APC UPS (BX950U-GR), I have only connected my PC and monitor. The problem is that when voltage fluctuation happens, I hear the click of the relay, my PC shuts down for 1sec and starts again like before(w/o ups), BUT when the electricity is completly down and the ups transfers to battery PC works fine no restart/reboot or shutdown. If I set the undervoltage threshold higher through the app, will this help me with this issues?
P.S. The UPS is connected on a multi outlet lead, not directly to the wall.
You can look up the "hold-up time" specification for your PSU to see how long it can run without input power.

APC rates the switchover time for the BX950 at 8ms typical and 12ms worst-case (it depends on exactly when in the waveform the power cuts) and this is true for some type of power output delivered, but the output waveform can take up to 30ms to completely stabilize.

Regardless of specs, sometimes it is just an incompatibility between PSU and UPS and changing out either fixes it.