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Sep 26, 2004
I've actually wanted to get a UPS for awhile, but I never looked into it. So what's a good, solid UPS that I should look into? I need one that can handle a power hungry setup like mine (refer to sig), but also needs to handle a 22inch NEC monitor as well. Thanks for any input.

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I got this huge one for free at auction. I was buying computers at the time, they were going for $20 each, when they got to one computer it was setting next to this UPS and I still paid $20, so I have to assume the UPS did nothing to raise the bid.

It's freaking huge, I have two lawn tractor sized batteries inside.

Best deal on UPS's? Go to your local state auction and get some huge chunk of crap like this, and put new batteries in it.

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Dec 8, 2002
I thought you were talking about the university...

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I've got an APC Back-UPS Pro 1100va, I picked it up at a Sams Club in the US for $135.00, its last years model, its more power than I actually need but quite a deal for the power handling capabilities it has. I'm running a pretty nice gaming machine, 5 HDDs, ATI 9800 Pro, 560W P/S, DVDRW, CDRW, 8 coolers, 19" CRT Monitor, and the 1100 handles everything with ease.

Note: I put off for a long time getting a UPS thinking I just really didn't need the thing, it being a costly investment and to me not seeming that important, but since getting one some of the constant problems I was experiencing, that constantly led to OP/SYS reinstalls, were obviously being caused by power fluctuations and such, and have literally disappeared, so after seeing the true benefits of a UPS, I wouldn't want to be without one!


Aug 31, 2002
Powerware is pretty good, and a bit cheaper than APC. I like the bundled management software better as well, and the outlets can usually be split into two sections with different settings/timings. As for the size, it really depends on how long you need the system to run after the power drops. Any UPS will handle the rig, it's a matter of handling it for 2 minutes or handling it for 15 minutes. APC and Powerware both have an online calculator for trying to determine which UPS to get. I'd probably go with a Powerware 5115 UPS rated at 1000VA. It should hold you for about 10-20 minutes.