Question UPS on my network switch ?


Jul 23, 2007
I am setting up a new network. In another building I have several PCs and the switch that connects the main system in the other house to the PCs and to the cameras and EAPs.
Well, out of my control, the switch can't be near the PCs. The PCs will be on a UPS. I truly believe in the UPS, but that is just me. Anyway, the switch is truly critical for everything to work in this building. Since I don't have the switch by my PCs, I have no UPS. I really want to have it on a UPS. Is there anyway to just hook up a smaller UPS to just the switch and make the UPS function? How will this work with the switch being the only thing on this UPS?
Thanks so much for your help.
Should be possible, I've had cheap UPS's before one for my PC and the other just for a modem and router, and it worked as expected when the power went out, I still had internet on my phones and PC. I don't really know if some UPS's need a minimum amount of power draw to work, that's gonna be a little bit out of my knowledge on them things.

Good Luck
Not sure why it would not function. When my gaming pc is in sleep mode it pulls almost no power but the UPS just for that machine can still see this tiny power usage. It seems to always work even when I take a power hit and the pc is still in sleep mode after.

I have a small switch that runs just my security cameras in the garage. I use a very small UPS since the switch and the cameras pull almost no power so the UPS can still last a hour. This is a very simple UPS with no fancy power meters etc but it has always switched over with no video loss at all in the security cameras.



"The PCs will be on a UPS. "

Understand that having a UPS for the switch and/or the switch must be away from the PCs is out of your control.

You probably need to make a point to the proverbial "powers that be" that without the switch nothing is really going to work for long when power is lost.

Depending on the circumstances the UPS or UPS's supporting the PC's may only offer just enough time to gracefully shut down the PCs.

Making the entire scenario a bit moot.

My suggestion: draw a simple diagram of the network including routers, switches, USP's, and PC's.

Make a few notes on the diagram regarding UPS support. Focus on how long the PCs and the network in general will stay up.

Should be fairly straightforward to show that without having a UPS for the switch then all else is somewhat moot.

Prove that some extra dollars for a UPS to serve the switch is a good investment. And without such, the other UPS investments are diminished.

And as noted above the switch does not require an expensive PSU.

Document your concerns. Find some allies.

Takes some time and effort but may save you(and others involved) more grief later.

No harm in trying.